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2019 Della Paul Memorial Scholarship (Prince of Wales Secondary) Winner: Eric Zhao

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As a graduating student from Prince of Wales Class of 2019, Eric has demonstrated that that he can balance his academic schedules with his active involvement in community activities. Making the Principal’s List annually, Eric is a dedicated student with a heart for others. He contributes to the community by looking for ways to bring happiness and kindness to others. He is a Youth Leader at the Kerrisdale Community Centre where he helps solve technology issues for seniors, hosts information session on sustainable living, and plans family bonding events. He is the Vancouver District Student Council Representative for Prince of Wales, meeting school officials and helping to voice student concerns. He is also a community service student, whose job is to help look after the school’s Therapy Dog and source of joy, Murphy. 

Recalling to bits and pieces of his high school journey, he is delighted that he has participated in such activities that can the corner of the world a little bit better. In the upcoming fall semester, Eric will be attending University of California, Berkeley, where he hopes to major in Computer Science. He hopes to create a supportive environment which people can find a sense of belonging, and hopes to use his knowledge of technology in this evolving area to effect change in the world. He is grateful that he is considered as a nominee for Della Paul Memorial Scholarship