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2019 Nadine Marshall Memorial Scholarship Winner: Stephanie Quon

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Stephanie is a high school senior from Eric Hamber Hamber Secondary in Vancouver. Growing up surrounded by the kindness of others, Stephanie believes we all have the capacity and responsibility to be kind, and that kindness will always carry beyond a simple action.

In grade 11, Stephanie started the Sprout-Save-Share initiative, an organization that engages youth in projects focused on minimizing waste, such as collecting end-of-day produce to donate and encouraging others to be more aware of their plastic use. She is also involved in many clubs at her school such as the Compassion Club, where she organizes fundraisers and plans events that provide volunteer opportunities to students. Outside of academics, Stephanie volunteers at her local science center and children’s hospital, speaks her voice on multiple youth councils, and worked to create a sensory room for special needs students at her school.

Stephanie will begin studying engineering at the University of British Columbia in the fall, and plans to continue serving the community through running Sprout-Save-Share and joining clubs in university. Stephanie is extremely grateful for the support from the Kindness Foundation and hopes to reach for larger goals in the future to work towards the foundation’s vision of a kinder world.