About Kindness Foundation

Our Vision

Everyone deserves kindness; it is essential for us to thrive. Try some!

The Kindness Foundation’s Three Core Objectives
1. We will Inspire… people to commit intentional acts of kindness
2. We will Educate…the hearts and minds of individuals at home, at work and at school
3. We will Connect… individuals & groups through social media, events and personal and professional networks

Our History

Inspired by a vision of a kinder world
The origins of the Kindness Foundation began when co-founders Nadine Marshall and Brock Tully embarked upon a journey to make positive change in the world.Between 1998 and 2006 a multitude of “kind acts” campaigns were launched, each one focused on the extremely powerful rippling effect of kindness. The intention of these campaigns was to inspire others to do “kind-acts”, thereby creating a chain reaction of kindness to be felt around the world.
During 2006 a new Board of Directors was established to guide the organization to the next progressive stage. Under the direction of the new board leadership the strategic goal of inspirational self-directed “Kindness Toolkits” were launched. The intention of the “Kindness Toolkits” is to inform, educate, and inspire kindness in schools and workplaces.To this day the Kindness Foundation remains firmly committed to the values and visions held by our founders, and to the belief that “everyone deserves kindness; it is essential for us to thrive.”

Board of Directors

Mike McEwan, President

mikeAn elementary school educator for more than thirty-five years, Mike currently serves as the principal of David Lloyd George Elementary School in Vancouver. He is passionate about educating the whole child and the important contribution that physical education and athletics can make to assist in accomplishing this goal. His work in the area of physical education and athletics in Vancouver was acknowledged when he was awarded a Career Achievement award from the Vancouver Elementary Physical Activity Association.
Mike attributes most of his purpose, pleasure and drive to his greatest accomplishment – his family. Mike believes in the value of the family as a place where the capacity for love and kindness are developed. He also believes in the inherent goodness/kindness of people. Mike sees an increasing need for organizations like The Kindness Foundation that allow people to connect with the initiatives of others and become motivated to grow their personal kindness quotient … providing an important balance to the increasingly insular nature of our modern society, especially the image promoted by the mass media.

Olivia McIvor, Vice President

oliviaOlivia is an author, social researcher and an Organization Development consultant with over 30 years of Human Resources and leadership expertise. Her life and work experiences have made her passionate about the critical need for everyone to take personal responsibility to re-humanize their workplaces by “putting the human back into human resources”
Her first book: The Business of Kindness: Twelve Habits to Build Collaborative Cultures addresses using kindness as a core value to tackle epidemic employee disengagement. Her second book, Four Generations, One Workplace: sharing in the information age supports leaders and colleagues to see the gifts each generation brings to the workplace thereby enhancing respectful wisdom and knowledge transfer.
Olivia believes that it’s not just the destination that is important, but the quality and character of the journey. Her third book, is titled Turning Compassion into Action: a movement towards responsibility, includes 5 years of research, a trip to India and over 20 thousand participants confirming that everyone one of us is responsible to reach out and put our compassion into action.
Olivia has clients across North America from retail to education and from healthcare to oil and gas and in her spare time teaches in the Faculty of Business at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She serves as an educational advisor with The Charter for Compassion International.

Corey Sue, Treasurer

coreyCorey is a finance and business leader with over 25 years of experience in multiple industries  including hospitality, broadcast media, semiconductor, public utility, higher education and retail. He brings expertise in financial management, project management and working with financial and data systems to the organizations he supports. He enjoys working with people particularly with operational leaders to balance the demands between the core operations, budgets and the executive team. Corey is known for his professionalism, integrity and friendly personality.
He is a Certified General Accountant (Canada), a Chartered Public Accountant (Canada) and a fellow with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK).
He devotes his spare time to corporate social initiatives and equally in the local community especially in youth sports and public safety. He advocates winning through teamwork and mutual respect for teammates and competitors alike. Having coached multiple youth sports team, he has combined this with his professional training to help others achieve success on the field and in the business environment.
Of his many hobbies, he enjoys the numerous Vancouver outdoor activities has to offer, keeping abreast of the latest technology especially mobile devices and photography. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and 2 elementary school aged children.

Jennifer York, Secretary

jenniferJennifer York has worked in the non-profit sector for over 10 years, where majority of her experience has been as an employment counsellor. In this role she facilitates workshops and provides individualized help as a manager of employment programs funded by the provincial and federal government. Recently, she has taken on a new position as a Senior Manager for settlement service for immigrants, where she is overseeing six streams of immigrant services at nine locations in the Metro Vancouver. She has completed her Executive MBA from Queen’s University.
She enjoys spending her free time hiking, trying new activities and spending time with her little Pekingese, Sunshine.

Gonca Jane Denizmen, Director

janeJane works in the marketing industry, specializing in online marketing and front end web development. She enjoys learning and using this information to challenge and improve her work. Her interests include the human mind, cognition, metacognition, emotions, and web programming. She loves photography, traveling, playing computer games, outdoor activities and nature.
Jane believes that many of the world’s troubles can be reduced by continuously delivering the right kind of education to both children and adults. Her idea of the right kind of education is variable, based on a person’s age, gender, cultural background, socioeconomic status as well as other attributes. This type of education would include technical training for practical and professional purposes. More importantly, it would also teach cognitive skills that would improve the well-being of the people By offering a rationale for this approach people would be inspired to base their lives on true happiness, and move away from inflicting others with damaging emotions like greed, ignorance, and selfishness.
She doesn’t think there is an easy way of creating and delivering the perfect education, but having such a goal in mind and taking action towards it with constant reminders is an important first step. This is why she has forged a connections with the Kindness Foundation. She’s hoping to contribute to a happier world by reminding ourselves and people around us that we exist, we care, and we will step beyond cliches to take actions with real results.

Jay Peachey, Director

jay“If you want to achieve more – then, starting immediately, treat all those around you with more kindness.”
Jay brings to the board 25+ years of financial management and strategic planning experience. He has been successful as a business owner, trusted advisor, CFO, professional accountant and business consultant. His passion and expertise is to help businesses dramatically improve their performance.
Serving on the Board since 2006 Jay strongly believes that treating each other with kindness at home, work, and school is one of the most important things we can do in life!