“Everyone deserves kindness; it is essential for us to thrive. Try Some!”



Kindness Foundation of Canada

Email: social@kindnessfoundation.com

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200 – 1892 West Broadway St
Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y9


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20+ Inspiring Photos That Prove Kindness Makes The World Go Around

Pictures of different ways of showing kindness

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This guy was fed up with his classmate. He's gone viral for calling out his own ignorance.

Seeing the big picture helps with understanding

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Homeless Man Does Kindest Thing For Dog Who Was Dumped On Busy Road

Sometimes the people with the least are most giving and expect nothing in return #kindness #generousity

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Father Finds His Daughter Sleeping Next To A Strange Naked Man. What He Does Next Is Incredible!

Taking the chance to be kind to stranger who had nothing was life changing to all those involved. #kindness

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