Kindness at Work

Why Kindness at Work?

Is your work environment a place everyone looks forward to coming to, even on Monday mornings?
It can be!
The value of kindness transcends barriers of age, circumstance, race, sex, religion, culture and politics and speaks to our common bond… our “humankindness”. Part of what distinguishes us as humans is our natural capacity for compassion and ability to be kind to one another. Kindness is not just about being pleasant or “nice” to those we agree with or prefer to be with. It goes much deeper and is about reaching out and recognizing that we are all human and that each of us has a talent, circumstance, desire, dream, a low, a high, a bad day, a weak moment, a gift, something to offer that is unique to each one of us… and no one is immune to life, its hazards and its gifts. In other words, kindness naturally leads itself to cooperation, support and team-work that brings people together as a unified whole.
Here is one example of how impactful a kind workplace can be:
The American Management Association surveyed 662 members and customers on a number of workplace issues and character traits. 75% of respondents regarded their supervisors as “kind.” While only 14% of respondents indicated that their supervisors were, in fact, “bullies.” The remaining 11% were neutral about their boss’s character. According to the survey results, kind managers are associated with superior performance in a number of ways. The AMA survey asked respondents if they plan to work for their company for a long time. According to the results, 84% of employees who report to kind managers said yes, whereas only 47% of employees who report to bullies agreed. Similarly, when asked if respondents look forward to going to work every day, 74% of employees with kind bosses said yes, while only 32% of employees with bullies as bosses agreed. (source, Business Wire)

Why Kindness at Work Toolkits?

We believe that Kindness plays a direct and critical role in helping organizations achieve their visions. Infuse positivity by incorporating these Kindness Counts Toolkits™ into your workplace. The Kindness at Work Toolkits provides a structured approach to teaching the values of Courage, Compassion, Generosity, Gratitude Inclusion, Integrity, Optimism, Respect, and Self-Awareness in a reflective and inspirational way.
Create an environment that allows each individual to feel important, valued, appreciated and heard, thereby, attracting and retaining excellent people.
Begin now to establish a culture of Kindness.
Inspire everyone in your workplace to be their best.

Click here to download the Facilitator Guide for Work Toolkits.

Kindness at Work Toolkits

Kindness Counts Bracelets

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