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Volunteering with the Kindness Foundation

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Kindness Foundation of Canada. Achieving our shared goal of universal kindness is a big job and we won’t be successful without the help of committed volunteers and supporters like you. As a volunteer, you will help the Foundation accomplish its goals by expanding its workforce, diversifying its knowledge base and areas of expertise, and raising its profile in communities around the world.

Here are some of the ways you can support our mission through volunteer service:


We are currently looking for individuals who can head up and/or provide support in the areas of online and offline marketing and promotion, as well as utilizing online social media.


We are currently looking for qualified individuals to take on the role of Kindness Foundation Ambassadors in their community, utilizing their knowledge, experience, skills, and influence.

IT and Administration

We are currently looking for individuals who can head up and/or provide support for IT projects, data entry, and product mail-outs.


We regularly need volunteers to research kindness related, project-specific topics.

Special Projects

We welcome people with particular skill sets for short-term or ongoing projects.

Pro-bono Work

We often look for specialized skills and professional services. Both individuals and businesses can help support the Foundation’s mission by sharing their expertise and training.

Volunteering is an opportunity to meet friends, learn new skills and put existing ones to good use. It's also a chance to be part of a team that makes a difference to many people in Canada and around the world.

If you are presently a volunteer, thank you.  We greatly appreciate and value your gift of time and talent.
If you are interested in finding out more about volunteer opportunities with the Kindness Foundation, please contact us.